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After my last post (about this very day "17 August"), finally I can write a post again now. Well...it still related to the 64th of Indonesian Anniversary. This morning, after having a ceremony to celebrate Indonesian Anniversary, I have an idea to posting it to this blog. Don't worry I won't talk about the ceremony ^_^. What I mean is I wanna put some attribute of the anniversary here in my blog, but I haven't had an idea how to do it. So... I browse some blogs (some people say it "blogwalking" ^_^), and finally I found one blog suit with my idea. Then... I try to find how to do it. Well... it's not as easy as I thought, I search for couple hours but nothing come to my minds.

So I have another idea, in one of the blog that I visit, I see a cool stuff (now I know it's called "widget") and I wanna modified it to anniversary attribute. And... I search again the logo of the 64th Indonesian Anniversary, and mix it with the picture of the widget. Wow...it's done... I can't believe it... I really love it. It's perfect I think ^_^. Well you can see the result on the top-left of my blog, there you can find this :

So..what do you think...?? It's perfect Isn't it..?? I think I will put it there until next month.

By the way... I wanna talk a little about my blog ^_^. If you ever visit this blog in the previous days, perhaps you'll found some differences. Yup..you're right... I make some changes in the theme and add some widgets too. The first thing is I change the sad anime picture (in header) into the smile one. Well I hope you like to see smile face than the sad one. Look at the picture below...and you'll see the difference between those two picture:

It's better isn't it..?? But, I'm still put the sad one in the bottom-right of my blog (if you wanna see it). The other things that I change are I added some widget. At the top-right you can see the "I love my blog widget" widget, I put "follow me I'll then follow you" widget at the bottom-right of this blog, so it'll remain you to follow this blog when visit this blog ^_^. I also add "mind to comments?" at the bottom-left of my blog and I hope when you read it, you'll understand what I mean ^_^.

But not only those widget I had add it to this blog. I also add clock widget, visitors widget (so I know how many people has visiting my blog and where they come from), Online Visitors widget (so I know how many online people who are reading my blog in real time). And this is I like the most "the chat box" widget, I hope whoever visiting this blog left any words in this chat box ^_^. The last thing I added is "live traffic feed" widget, this widget contain information about how do people come to my blog (from google search, facebook, shoutmix, etc).

Well... I think I can add some feature tool too in my blog...but not now, just wait and see.... ^_^.

Warm regards,

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axis said...

"MERDEKA"..... ^_^

Nice Post.....

fina said...

Sekali MERDEKA tetap MERDEKA....Hidup INDONESIA...

cindy said...

Happy Anniversary my INDONESIA....

agung said...

Nice Post... ^_^

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