My First Post ^_^

It has been a long time... I wanna have my own blog. Well..from what I've heard many times before what blog means and what we can do through blog, it make me more and more get excited to have my own blog. And here we my own blog ^_^. Well..first, I wanna introduce myself to you all since it's my first post of course. My Name is Shimizu Itoe (清水 愛恵), it's a Japanese name right..? Probably, you will ask me what it's mean...and where did I get that name..?? Come on guys...don't be so serious......... I mean, it's just a blog and I have a right using any name that I like ^_^ (just kidding ^_^).

Alright.. alright....I'll tell you the truth, so be quiet...and listen to what I says ^_^. Actually, "Shimizu" means "clear water", and "Itoe" means "bless with love". It's a beautiful name isn't it. So it's mean "a clear water which bless with love" (I really love it ^_^). I get this name from the name generator (maybe you wanna try it..??), I just put my name ...and when my name generate to Japanese name, it will become Shimizu Itoe. What do you think..?? (I'm sure you'll like it too.. ^_^).

Today...I'm not gonna post some article or something, I just wanna introduce myself. By the way...if you wanna know what kind of girl I am.... well...uhm... I'm just an ordinary girl who love anime (you can see in my template, I put anime there), I like drawing anime too, music... uhm... I think everyone love music. And I do love art.

By the way... I get this cool template from my friend. Of course, after browse many template..and I think I like this one. But, originally there are no anime in this template. So.. I ask him to help me modified the template, and guess.... he did it for me ^_^. After a day of waiting...finally he contact me and told me that he already finish doing the template. Than I download the template, and upload to my's more beautiful than I thought ^_^. He add two beautiful anime girls on the header, and also my wonderful signature. I think I should thanks to him for this cute template ^_^.

Well.... I think it's enough for today. Don't forget to drop a comment for me... ^_^. Bye...and I'll see you in the next post, don't miss it ^_^.

ps: I really appreciate if you become my follower too ^_^..... so follow me...

Best regards,

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cindy said...

Nice post my friend... I think I'm gonna create a blog too ^_^

Shimizu said...

thx Cindy... ^_^, well I think you should create at least one...

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