Thanks GOD for today

What a wonderful picture isn't it..??

Just now... a friend of mine (he is an anime lover too ^_^) send me a link of his anime picture in my facebook. He draw the anime just with a pencil, but I think the picture is so cool... it's seems so alive. I thought to myself..will I can be like him in anime drawing? I think I need to keep learn how to draw and keep practise it right...???

By the way... if you ever visit my anime collection, there are no picture there (at least until I write this post ^_^), but I've already decide to put this anime picture to my there will be picture there. And of course I will add more picture there.

Fuih...what a hard day today... I feel so tired. Most of my friend around me are get a cold, so I think the virus is begin to attack me too.... :(. I have to keep my body health... how lucky, one of them bring a vitamin and give me one.'s help me a little from a pain of getting cold.

But when I think of a whole day until now... I think everything is fine, I really should give thanks to GOD for guide me through the day today. And I should say sorry too for all of my complaint to HIM, really... if I think more and more...... He is so good to me, I don't know how to pay back HIS Grace in my whole lifetime. Only pray and praise I think that I could give to HIM. Don't you think so..?? Let's think about it: I have mom (my father already gone), sisters , brothers, friends, health, I can breath a fresh air anytime, I can see wonderful things in my life, I can walk through the street in front of my house, I can hear beautiful songs, I can draw anime with my own hand, I can taste delicious food, I can smile, I can cry, I can feel love, I can share my feeling to others, and so much more wonderful things that happen in my life and some times I didn't realize it that all of them are come from GOD. Thanks GOD for everything....

OK guys... I think that's a few things I wanna share with you. Hope you enjoy it. And let meet again in the next post ^_^. GOD bless you all....

Best regards,

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